To Carve or To Paint

Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins? Cutting the top off, digging your hands in the mush and squealing about how gross it is, carving out a little masterpiece and setting it out with a candle. It’s such an awesome activity. And then a week goes by and it starts caving in, molding, and getting all around disgusting. So I propose we make painting pumpkins just as fun as carving them. That way, there’s less grossness to clean up later.

This year, I made a Captain Underpants pumpkin in honor of a seven year old boy who will run around the house in underpants and a red cape yelling “TRA-LA-LAA!” It was so fun to create and the outcome was so cute that I had to share.

What you’ll need:

  • a pumpkin of any size, shape, or color. It doesn’t even have to be a pumpkin. Any fruit or vegetable will work.
  • acrylic paint and paint brushes
  • sharpies
  • felt
  • glue (I used super)
  • creativity or a 7-year old
  • optional supplies include…
    • some kind of paper to make a sign, or if you’re lucky like I was, a white piece of cardboard
    • a dowel rod. other things that work are a s’mores roasting stick, or a stick that one might throw their small dog.

This can literally be used to make any character or animal in the world or in your head. Basically, use paint to cover the big areas you want, for me that was the underpants. I used Sharpie for the more exact face design so I could control it better. Now, cut a hole in the felt the size of the pumpkin stem, and then make a cape shape (or butterfly wings or whatever else you think of). Use whatever glue you have to secure the cape onto the stem of the pumpkin. Last and optional, make a sign with a picture or saying that adds to your character. If you like to violence of carving pumpkins, you’ll like this part. Stab the stick into your pumpkin and attach the paper to it. Vwa-la, or as Captain Underpants would say, Tra-la-la! You’ve made a super cute pumpkin that won’t turn to mush before your eyes. It will turn to mush on the inside but just don’t think about that and toss it out when it starts to look like a wrinkley old grandpa pumpkin.

Happy painting!



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