Our First Date 12.09.2016

Ah, love. It can happen slow, take years to bloom. Or it can happen fast, in a whirl wind.  For myself and Jeffery, it was the whirl wind. But I’m just going to tell you about our first date, for now.

It was early December 2016. We were walking around Charlottesville, Virginia to the tune of a violin. We stopped to hear the artist play in the cold, and added a few dollars to his case. I was in a cozy purple sweater, Jeff was in a black leather jacket. We popped into a lively building to see what was going on. At the drink counter, we found out we had just stepped into an art show. It was like magic to stumble upon an art show. Drinks in hand, we walked around the gallery. It was lovely. I remember most that an artist had put “heavy” words on to weights. It was titled “Words Have Weight.” Well said. The entire thing was wonderful. After soaking it all in, adventure pulled us up the elevator no one was using. Where could it go? I looked at Jeff as the numbers blinked from one to two, thinking he ought to kiss me. The doors opened to a hall. We followed it to a door that opened onto the roof. The city streets were bustling below, the stars were calmly gleaming above, and we were smiling somewhere in between. The ledge must have looked very tempting to Jeff, because he climbed up immediately to look into the street. Nervous, I followed suit, but sat with my legs hanging over the edge. I thought again that he should kiss me as we sat there, but he didn’t, and that was okay. We must have talked and laughed, but I don’t remember about what. I just remember feeling excited and happy.

Our next stop was an acoustic concert. Jeff knew the venue owner and he hooked us up with drinks. The songs were so beautiful I cried. And Jeff, being the magical adventure creator I quickly found out he was, introduced me to the artist, Schuyler Fisk. I had a long conversation with her. I don’t remember about what, but I cried again. So many feelings. I think that was the name of her album- Feelings. The concert picked up with 80’s jams after that, and we continued to make new friends. One new friend had a Christmas sweater on- not just any Christmas sweater- a Rick and Morty one! “Tis the season to get shwifty” it exclaimed. I had to have it! We ordered one for me in pink. Spoiler alert: weeks later, it never came. But the good news is that the very sweater I saw that night was shipped to me with a little Jeff magic!

After the concert, and a little drive, I found myself in a winter wonderland. Surrounded by snow machines at Wintergreen Resort. I ran up and down the hill in excitement. It wasn’t snowing for real, which made it even more surreal. Our own special snow. I made a snow angel in just my purple sweater and leggings. When I got up cold and out of breath, he finally kissed me.

I love first date stories. I love adventure stories. Share yours with me and I would love to make a painting inspired by it!



Pro tips for adventure dates:

DO have some guidelines, but not definite plans. This allows you to always have direction but also be surprised along the way.

DON’T be afraid to walk in somewhere knew and ask questions! People want you to come in and enjoy their event.

Adventure dates don’t always turn out perfect like our first one did. When something doesn’t turn out how you wanted, it’s about attitude and making it fun regardless!

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  • That was the most wonderful and amazing amazing first day I have ever heard of I didn’t know whether to smile laugh or cry I am so happy for you I’ve never stop loving you and I’m always following you girl God bless sweetie I miss you xoxoxox


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