Dear reader,

I, like so many others, have felt the claws of depression sink into my heart and mind. I felt worthless, ashamed, and unlovable. On my darkest days, I considered what it would be like to take my life and feel the absence of pain. But, thankfully, I never got as far as trying. I decided to take control and give life my all. I quit the job that took all my time, didn’t pay enough, and caused me to have more bad than good days. I cut off the so called friends that didn’t actually care about me. I stopped wasting my energy on them, and focused it on myself and what I loved…painting. Art has been and always will be my therapy. It makes me happy. I love taking a white canvas, and creating something with my hands and some paint. I am blessed to be able to paint full time, making almost every day a mental health day. Please, remember to make a mental health day for yourself soon, and to fill your life with things that make you happy. Cut out the people and things that take away the beauty of your life. Take control. I believe in you.

With love, Christine.


A portion of sales from these original paintings will go to Runway2life in their mission to promote Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention. Please support by buying a painting! xoxo


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